TAFPES Part 23 is the twenty-third clip from the "Thomas and Friends New Engine Slideshow" seires.

Music Used Edit Edit

  • Extended Thomas Theme
  • Emily Song

Characters Edit

  • Alpha Pig Scotish Purple Engine (No. 290)
  • Prince Presto the Pink Saddletank engine
  • SuperWhy the Big Green Engine (292)
  • Emmy the Red Mia Engine
  • Max the Green Scotish Engine
  • Ernique the Yellow Engine
  • Ord the Mallard
  • Cassy the Pink Tank Engine
  • Zak an Wheezie
  • Elmo the Red Tank Engine
  • Zoe the Orange Tank Arthur Engine
  • Big Bird Engine (Emily is Yellow)
  • Snuffy the Brown Tender Engine
  • Baby Bear the Brown Tank Engine
  • Telly the Purple Tank Engine
  • Herry the Scottish Blue Engine
  • Abby the Blue Tank Fairy
  • Prairie Dawn the Pink Tank engine
  • Rosita (Zoe’ Friend)
  • Oscar the Grouch Engine (Whiff’ Friend)

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