Music Used Edit

Characters Edit

  • Action Chugger the Yellow Diesel
  • Calley the Red Diesel Brown
  • Cecil (Alfred’ Friend)
  • Chatsworth the Chugginhton White
  • Chowder the Purple Saddle/Cumbria (Red)
  • Drateramal the Orange Drink Powered Engine
  • Fire Diesel the Vicker Stay Alive
  • Frostini (Chugger’ Friend)
  • Frozilla the 9-Eyed White Engine
  • Gorath the Brakevan/ Sam the Brakevan
  • Frederick the Big Engine
  • Grant the Jinxed Engine
  • Grit the Merchant Navy
  • Herman the Green Engine Tender
  • Hodge the Diesel chuggington
  • Ilignus (December’s Friend)
  • Johnny the Black Tender
  • Jasper the Blue Tank Engine
  • Jojo the Red Tank Engine
  • Jordan the Blue Big Engine
  • Kapinski the White Tank
  • K-Bot 2K the Big Engine
  • Lavaknight the Red 9F
  • Linda (No.18 Skarloey)
  • Macky the Silver Engine by Me
  • Malum the Red and Yellow Japanese Engine
  • Marvin (Culdee Engine No. 29)
  • Mill and Men (Green)
  • Moelwyn (No. 19 Green Diesel)
  • Morvin the Green Lego Train
  • Mung the Blue Scottish Engine
  • Nunlow the Green Tank
  • Octomila the 30eyed Tender
  • Olwin the Bullet Green
  • Peter the Blue Truck
  • Phantom SJ the Evil Ghost Stirling
  • Rovert the Traction Engine
  • Samantha (No. 17 Skarloey Den)
  • Schnitzel the 9F
  • Scokola the 9F
  • Sir Boris the Green Tank
  • Skrall the Steam Train
  • SL Sea Rogue’s Uncle Paul (police)
  • Sorean the American Engine
  • Steward the Brown Tender
  • Strakk the Tank with no tender
  • Teby the Green Tram Engine
  • Troffles the NCB Tank
  • Vorox Trucks Red
  • Wilbur (Wilbert’s Twin)
  • Willy (Wilbert’s Brother)
  • Zephie the Truck

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