TAFPES Part 25 is the twenty-fifth clip from the "Thomas and Friends New Engine Slideshow" series.

Music Used Edit

  • Extended Thomas Theme
  • Harold the Helicopter

Characters Edit

  • Beaver the Brown Tank Engine (296)
  • Marina the Mute Engine Blue (No. 297)
  • Atlanta the Stirling Emily Engine (No. 298)
  • Phones the Red Tank Engine (No. 299)
  • X20 the Diesel Shunter
  • Troy Tempest the Orange Dark Tank (No. 300)
  • Big the Mind Controlline 2 Scotish Engines (No. 301)
  • Crazy Fog Engine (Green Boomer)
  • Caption Huggy Face the Big Express Engine (No. 302)
  • Chuck the Evil Sandwich Blue Tank Engine (No. 303)
  • Big Frank the Purple Engine
  • Dr. Two Brains the Syentest White Arthur Engine (No. 304)
  • Granny May the Pink Evil robbing Grandmother Jumbo Engine (No. 305)
  • Malon Arthur the Pink Engine (No. 306)
  • Talon the Ranch Owner Edward Engine (No. 307)
  • Michelle (Molly’s Twin)
  • The Butcher White Tank Engine (308)
  • Mono Chan the Arthur Engine
  • Titan the Diesel
  • Tobey the Robot Controlling Green Tank Engine (No. 309)
  • Word Girl the Super Hero Engine (No. 310)
  • Rick Astley the Rickrolling Purple Engine (No. 311)
  • Suma and Simba the Lion Engine
  • Punch and Splat
  • Tay Zonday the Chocolate Rain Singing Engine
  • Arthur the Yellow Engine (No. 1)
  • Edward (Buster) No. 2
  • George the Dummy Operation (No. 3)
  • Binky the Orange Big Express Engine (No. 4)
  • Francine (No. 5)
  • Brain the Smart Engine (No. 6)
  • Matt the Green Yo-Yoing Engine (7)
  • Sue Ellen the Blue Engine (No. 8)
  • Digit the Purple Tender Engine (No. 9)
  • Jackie the Yellow Pacing Engine (No. 10)
  • Jenna the Pink Tender Donald Engine (No. 11)
  • Fern the Purple Tank Engine
  • Inez the Pink Tank Engine (No. 16)
  • Muffy (Note. Leo is a #17 Purple Engine)
  • Commander Shore (Mallard)
  • Spongebob Squareengine (Yellow Ivo Hugh)
  • Patrick the Pink Tank Engine
  • Sailor Moon (No.1)
  • Sailor Mini Moon the Moon Engine (No. 6)

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