Music Used Edit

  • Extended Thomas Theme
  • You Are The One

Characters Edit

  • Alfred the Sodor Saw Co. Blue Tender Engine
  • Allan A Dale the Blue Loretta Tender
  • Baxtor the Blue Tank engine
  • Big Melvin the Big Engine
  • Champ the German tank
  • Cromford the Green LHRJC Tank
  • D200712871365235
  • Dianna the black Tank
  • Evan the LMS Tender Engine
  • Friar tuck the Pram Engine 132
  •  Garrvis the Green Tank Engine
  • Hasang the Blue Tank Engine
  • Jeffary the Tender Engine
  • Kay the Splendid Engine
  • Larry the Small Green and Black Engine
  • Lenord the Blue Tank Engine GER
  • Little John the Big Green Engine
  • Marcus the Zoo Tank Engine
  • Matterick the Black Tender
  • Mendrick the American twin
  • Merry the German Engine
  • Monts the Merchant Navy
  • Mox the Tank eNgine
  • Pierce Bronson
  • Pohawk the American Tank engine 59
  • Quin the Red Tender
  • Raymond the Green New Engine
  • Reganald the Green and Red Tank Engine
  • Robin Hood the Green Tank Engine
  • Rodger the Purple Tender
  • Romonta the Big Green Tank
  • Ron the Red Tank Engine IVV
  • Shiro the Black Tank Engine
  • Sir Ector the Tender
  • Skippy the Blue Tank 50 Engine
  • Stitmu the Colorful Engine
  • Stontric the American Engine
  • Taff the Dark Red Tank
  • Tom the Tank Engine
  • Vaterick the Green Tank Engine

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