TAFPES Part 26 is the twenty-sixth clip from the "Thomas and Friends New Engine Slideshow" seires.

Song Used Edit

  • Extended Thomas Theme
  • Repairs Theme
  • Toby

Characters Edit

  • Benjamin Bridge
  • Rudy the Blue Little Kangaroo Engine (No. 312)
  • Coconuts the Brown Tank (No. 313)
  • Grounder the Blue Engine (No. 314)
  • Scratch the Light Blue Tender (No. 315)
  • The Whammer Blue LMS Engine (No. 316)
  • Orson the Pink Saddle Tank Engine (317)
  • Churlin the Crane Barge/Fraider
  • 221’ Sparky
  • 222’ Poxy
  • 300’ Spooky
  • 625’ Reuben
  • 626’ Stitch
  • Kyle the Pink Tender (No. 318)
  • Wade the LMS Black GWR Engine
  • Gordon 1469 (ll)
  • Booker (Percy’ help) No. 319
  • Bo James and Lenolin (Nos. 320 and 321)
  • Hamm the Pink Tank Engine
  • Bill the Red and White Engine (No tender)
  • Hunter the Prairie Tank
  • NM The Orange Computer Car
  • Sheldon the Blue Tank engine (322) underachieving
  • Chef Pisghetti the Grey Tank Engine 323
  • Sandy Edward the White Engine
  • Sniff (Whiff’s Friend)
  • Casey Jr.
  • Dirty Phil Percy (62)
  • Jon Arbuckle the Big Express Engine (No. 324) Green
  • Roy the Rooster Van
  • Marty the Willy Wonka Frieght Car
  • Diesel 9 the Evil Diesel
  • Bernest the Blue Engine Car
  • Clevie the Green Steam Train
  • Luna the Black Bus
  • Master Shake the White Cup Engine (Tender)
  • Metwad the Red Tank Engine
  • Putt Putt the Purple Tank Engine
  • Marty the Red M7 Tank
  • Russel the Ivo Spare Engine
  • Pepe the Green Jeremy Jet
  • Guilmon the Engine Driver
  • Donkey and Diddy Kong the Purple Express (Nos. 325 and 326)
  • Ray the Green Edward Engine (No. 327)
  • Barney the Green Engine (Ray’s Friend 328)
  • Artemus the White Terence Tractor
  • Sheila the Stirling Engine
  • SQUIDWARD the Charlie Blue Green Engine
  • Plankton (Annette)
  • Mr. Krabs Engine the Big Red Express Engine
  • Pearl the Lavender Engine
  • Senor the Mexican Blue Green Tender Engine (No. 12)
  • Jackie the Pacing Engine (No. 13)
  • Christopher the Yellow Tender Engine (No. 14)
  • Mr. Bland the Brown Tank Engine (No. 15)
  • Rustic the White Railway Traction Engine Car ll
  • Sailor Mercuary the Edward (No. 2)
  • Sailor Venus the 9F (No. 4)
  • Sailor Mars the 354 Engine (No. 5)
  • Sailor Jupiter the White Engine (No. 3)


  • This was the first video in the series to have shaded faces.
  • Starting from this video, Felix Cheng's own Thomas & Friends intro would be used. Originally, the original intro was used, but it had to be switched with Felix Cheng's own intro due to copyright reasons.

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