Part 28 is a TAFNES Series. It only had 6 characters at first, but was remade twice to include characters forgotten in Part 27.

Music Used Edit

  • Extended Thomas Theme

Characters Edit

  • Toon Link Jr. the Green Tank Engine (No. 360)
  • Uncle Chuck the Blue Robotized Engine (No. 361)
  • Vector the Green Engine (No. 362)
  • R2D2 the Stirling Blue Engine (No. 363)
  • Ping the Bright Green Engine (No. 364)
  • Pikachu the Yellow Engine (No. 365)
  • Gary the Brakevan
  • Big Griz the Blue Scottish Twin (No. 366)
  • Big Mike the Blue Scottish Twin (No. 367)
  • Harry Potter the Express Engine


  • After this video had been posted, Felix Cheng stated to requesters not to request characters based on little kids shows such as PBS from this video onwards, but he said that TUGS-based requests would be exceptable.

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