Thomas & Friends New Engine Slideshow Part 29 is the (not originally intended) final video in Felix Cheng's "Thomas & Friends New Engine Slideshow" series.

Music Used Edit

  • Extended Thomas Theme
  • Whistle Song

Characters Edit

  • Dane Cook the Blue Engine (No. 368)
  • Brinket the Clumsy Tank Engine (No. 371)
  • Aileta the Pink Engine (No. 372)
  • Cutie Honey the Pink Stirling Engine (No. 373)
  • Chibi Chibi the Red Saddletank Engine (No. 374)
  • Duck Jr. aka Eight (No. 800)
  • Donald Jr. aka Nine (No. 900)
  • Douglas Jr. aka Ten (No. 1,000)
  • Oliver Jr. aka Eleven (No. 1,100)
  • Jase Jr. aka Twelve (No. 1,200)
  • Zack Jr. aka Thirteen (No. 1,300)
  • Zicky Jr. aka Fourteen (No. 1,400)
  • Joy Jr. aka Fifteen (No. 1,500)
  • Nazz Jr. aka Sixteen (No. 1,600)
  • Leo Jr. aka Seventeen (No. 1,700)
  • Pud'n Jr. aka Eighteen (No. 1,800)
  • Hug'n Jr. aka Nineteen (No. 1,900)
  • Drake Jr. aka Twenty (No. 2,000)
  • Jimmy Jr. aka Twenty-One (No. 2,100)

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