Music Edit

  • Extended Thomas Theme

Characters Edit

  • Swiftsure the Blue Saddletank
  • Lady Ingrid
  • Jemmy (known as James’s Cousin)
  • Alezandra (Faith)
  • Oswald the Big Engine
  • Pete the Prairie Tank
  • The Cable Car
  • Mojo the Diesel
  • Travis ll
  • Rachael the GWR Engine (No. 62)
  • Zozo the Kind Diesel
  • Kerin the Black Tank Engine (No. 63)
  • Tom the Lafarge Yellow Kind Diesel
  • Dick the Black Diesel
  • Harry the Green Diesel Engine
  • Scaffle Pike the Narrow Gauge Diesel
  • Hugh the Rainbow LMS Engine
  • Big Mack the Santa Fe Diesel
  • Winston the ECC Quarry Engine (No. 64 Yellow)
  • Sunny the Daylight Tender Engine
  • AJ the Mallard

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