Music Used Edit

  • Extended Thomas Theme
  • 5 New Engines in the Shed
  • Percy Season 1-5 Themes

Characters Edit

  • Alex the GWR Engine
  • Alexando the Steam Train and Alexei
  • Benny the Black Diesel Mrs.
  • Big Gruesome the Tender Engine Green
  • Blubber Bear the Tender Engine
  • Clude the Ant hill Mob Engine Tom Rolt
  • D31131930 the Grumpy Diesel
  • Danny the Red Ant hill mob Dologoch
  • Dick Dastardly the Villaniness Blue Tender Engine
  • Ferdy the German Engine
  • Fearless Fearie
  • Gravel the Bluebell Engine
  • Jakob the Famous Engine
  • Kurby the Ant hill mob Duncan Green
  • Lazy Luke the GWR Engine
  • Little Gruesome the Tank Engine
  • Mac the Ant Hill Mob (Duncan Green)
  • Mick May the German Engine
  • Mim May the Bullet Train
  • Muttley the Green Diesel Shunter
  • Penelope Pitstop the Pink Tender
  • Peter Perfect the Black Engine (Jordan’ Brother) 
  • Private Meekley the Jinxed Engine
  • Professor Pat Pendic the Blue Tender
  • Red Max the Red Bullet Engine
  • Ring A Ding Culdee the Ant Hill Mob
  • Rock (Gravel’ Friend)
  • Roman the Colin Crane
  • Rufus Ruffcut the Red Tender
  • Rug Bug benny the Ant Hill Mob Engine
  • Sawtooth the Red Tank Engine
  • Sergeant Blast the Green Bullet
  • Veevee the Steam Train
  • Vevio the German Engine Tooter
  • Willy the Ant Hill Mob Engine (Small Tank)
  • Yanmo the German Engine

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