Music Used Edit

  • Extended Thomas Theme
  • Repairs Theme
  • All You Need

Characters Edit

  • Arturo the Red Big Engine
  • Clunk the Inventive Engine Saddletank
  • Crunker the Mountain Engine (No. 29)
  • D08773 the Blue Friendly Diesel Shunter
  • Dash the Green Tank Engine 1
  • Donkey the Scottish engine
  • Ed the Green Arrow
  • Edd (Double D) Red Big Engine
  • Eddy the Yellow Engine Car
  • Elvis the  Red Tank Engine
  • Frenchurch the Black Tank
  • Fiona the Black Tender
  • Fredrick the Green Big Engine
  • Jeff the Odd Tender
  • Jeffory the Helpful Mallard
  • Jon the GWR Black Engine
  • Leon the Green Tank Engine S762
  • Mick Miley the Green Big engine
  • Mumfoll the Merchant Navy
  • Richard the Bluebell Engine
  • Rodney the Railbus
  • Senior Tuxeto the Steamroller
  • Shrek the Green Engine (1)
  • Tex the Blue Tender Engine (Dark)
  • The Dream Diesel (Appeared Once In A Dream of Mine)
  • Western the Green Tank Engine WST
  • Zilly the Cowardly Engine

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