Music Used Edit

  • Extended Thomas Theme

Characters Edit

  • Pearl the John Bull Engine
  • Jake the Daylight Engine (Orange)
  • Carl the Camelback Engine (Blue 67)
  • Louis the Saddletank (65)
  • Andy the Santa Fe Diesel
  • Terry the Freezer Box Car
  • Martin the Crane
  • Crusty the tank Car (Barrow) Red
  • Carrie the ECC Carry Gondola
  • T.Ruffey
  • Mandy the Jet Plane (Blue)
  • Chucki the Baldwin Engine (No. 66)
  • Suzie the Red Cable Car
  • Bessie the bus
  • Abe Lincoln the Big Engine
  • Wilson the Logcar
  • Chester the Little Critter Engine
  • Gerald the Niagara Engine (Blue Big)
  • Rebecca the Stock Car
  • Hank the Handcar

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