Music Used Edit

  • Extended Thomas Theme
  • Never, Never Give Up

Characters Edit

  • Alden the Willy Wonka Boxcar
  • Amy the Black American Engine
  • Angelica the Yellow Cable Car
  • Cam the Camelback engine
  • Cameron the Purple Cable Car
  • Chole (Narrow Gauge Diesel)
  • Christopher (No. 71; Edward’s Brother)
  • Crystal
  • Dermont the LMS Engine
  • Edwin the Blue Engine (No. 72)
  • Emma
  • Frank the Santa Fe Diesel
  • Georgina the Goose
  • Gobble the Turkey steam Train
  • Gromit the Brakevan
  • Harry the Green Engine (No. 73)
  • Hector the Blue Crazy Tank
  • Izzy the Ice Cream Truck
  • Jacklin the Black Diesel
  • Jeff the Big Tank 8-inch
  • Jefferey the Yellow Engine
  • Jen (No. 77)
  • Jill (No. 78)
  • Jim the Culdee Fell Crane
  • John the Red Engine (No. 79)
  • John-Jo the Green Engine
  • Jojo the Diesel Engine
  • McQueen the Racing Tank Engine
  • Lois the Small Well Tank Engine
  • Mad Jack (Tiger Moth White)
  • Marcus (No. 80)
  • Melbourne the Canal Boat
  • Nick the Mountain Engine (No. 27)
  • Peter the Red Traction
  • Phillip the Super Truck
  • QWERTY the Red Computer Car
  • Rachael the Black Tender engine
  • Raymond the GNER Diesel (note the head of the Awdry Painted on him)
  • S.S. Loughborough
  • S.S Veneza
  • Scar the Scrap Monster
  • Scarlet Violet
  • 17 the Steelworks Engine
  • Tamlin the Magical Engine
  • The Titantic
  • Wallace the Brakevan
  • Yorki the Tank Car
  • Zoe the Narrow Gauge Diesel

Trivia Edit

  • This was the first New Engine Slideshow in Felix Cheng's series to have a song, rather than just be the Extended Thomas theme.
  • Gary and Steve from CombineHarvester01's Series were originally added, but the latter requested Felix to edit them out. When he did remake the video so they wouldn't be in it any longer, he accidentally edited out Benjamin the Bridge. Benjamin would be re-added in Part 26.
  • While their number isn't visible, Scarlet Violet was confirmed by Felix Cheng to be Skarloey Railway Engine No. 11

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