Music Used Edit

  • Extended Thomas Theme
  • Thomas We Love You

Characters Edit

  • Pendre the Small Diesel 1831
  • Mary the Red Narrow Gauge Engine (Skarloey Engine No. 13)
  • Andrew the Green Narrow Gauge Tender Engine (No. 14)
  • Donimic the Diesel (Derek’s Twin)
  • Lewis the GWR Engine (No. 81)
  • Beth (Timmy’s Friend) (No. 82)
  • Phillip the Orange Engine (No. 83)
  • Ted the Black Bluebell (No. 84)
  • Kim the Big Purple Tank Engine (No. 85)
  • Tirone the big Orange Engine (No. 86)
  • Hannah the Red Tank engine (No. 87)
  • Lauren the Q1 Engine (No. 88)
  • Leen Jeen IE the Electric Train (No. 89)
  • John Po the Pullman Diesel (No. 90)
  • Rumi the Red Speed Diesel (No. 91)
  • Gazpacho the Tender Diesel (No. 92)
  • Guiseppe the High-Speed Train (No. 93)
  • Francesco the Shaded Diesel (No. 94)
  • Givoanna the Shaded Diesel (No. 95)
  • Maria the Red and White Diesel (No. 96)
  • Rosa the Grey Dust Diesel (No. 97)
  • Luigi the High Speed Train (No. 98)
  • Anna (No. 99)
  • Thomas Jr./Chibi Thomas (No. 100)


  • This was the final video until Part 15 without the Repairs Theme.
  • Even though Andrew is a Narrow-Gauge Engine, his basis is standard gauge.

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