Thomas & Friends New Engine Slideshow Part 7 is the seventh video in Eli J. Brown's own New Engine Slideshow Series.

Music Used Edit

Characters Edit

  • Edgar the Truck
  • Hammy the Green Engine
  • Jared the 9F Green
  • Geoge the LNER 9F
  • Sevin (Emery’s Cousin)
  • Daniel the Stirling Engine
  • Frystad the Green NG Engine
  • Prinsaugust the Lion Engine
  • Thor the Saddletank Engine
  • Cota the Lion Engine
  • Karlskoga (Thor’ Twin)
  • Conrad the Rusty Tank Engine
  • Barry the Yellow Diesel Shunter
  • Hilry the Green Tank
  • Conrad the Gold Tender
  • Lexi 51222
  • Steve the Green Tank engine
  • Milly the Saddletank engine
  • Dominic the Scotish Engine
  • Hanry the LNER
  • Nottingham the Red Engine
  • Cliff the Green 9F
  • Mary the 9F
  • Richard the Big Engine
  • Daniel the Blue Millie
  • Rhys the Green Tank Engine
  • Finge (Dominic’s Friend)
  • Alex the Green Tank Southern 63
  • Sam and Duder
  • Jerry the Green Tank Engine
  • Mary and Mark the Merchant Navy
  • Tom Southern 786
  • Justin the Green Tender/Hundley
  • Mike the Green tank
  • Kolby the Green 9F
  • Ryan the GWR tank
  • Aaron the LBSC
  • Jock the GWR Pannier
  • Erin the 80 Red Tank
  • Gary the Green tank
  • Robin the LMS Engine
  • Cassy the Jinxed Engine
  • Vicant the Back 7475 tender
  • Winston (Trojan)
  • March the Black Engine
  • Jill and Tommy (Southern/254)

Trivia Edit


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