Music Used Edit

  • Extended Thomas Theme
  • Repairs Theme

Characters Edit

  • Alex the GWR Engine
  • Boomer the Jinxed Engine
  • Boost the Pink Tank Engine
  • Chloe the Purple Narrow Gauge Diesel
  • Christina the Saved from Scrap GWR
  • Cindy the Big GWR Tank
  • Daniel the GWR (Duck’s Twin)
  • Danielle (Jeffrey’s Twin)
  • Eddie the Excavator
  • Garret the Rude Tram Engine
  • Gary the Green Crane Engine (No. 101)
  • George (Gordon’s Brother) (No. 102)
  • Jason the LBSC Tank Engine
  • Joe the Santa Fe Diesel
  • Lill and Len (Red)
  • Lexi and Lexon the Yellow Tank
  • Lily the Red Engine (No. 103) (Danny’s Friend)
  • Llax Railway Engine (Val the Blue Tender)
  • Ollie the Green Tender
  • Redeny the Orange Tender
  • Clappers the red Tender
  • Nathen (Light Green Tender)
  • Wilbert the Purple Tender Engine
  • Sam the Pink Tank Engine/Sandy the Green Tank Engine
  • D4560 the Black Diesel Shunter
  • Inness the Pink Engine
  • Marty the Blue Circus Engine (No. 104)
  • Mighty Mo the Breakdown Crane
  • Mitch the Green Temper Tender (No. 105)
  • Nellie the Green Arrow
  • Nigel the Black Engine
  • Oddjob the Colorful Engine (No. 106)
  • Otis the Green Old Engine
  • Roger the Orange Circus Engine (No. 107)
  • Ronald the Scottish Red Engine (No. 108)
  • Scarface the Blue Tender (No. 109)
  • Scuttle Butt Pete the Yellow Crane
  • Simon the Blue Wreck less Diesel Shunter
  • Stanley the Amtrak Diesel
  • Steve the Mountain Engine
  • Tom the Green Narrow Gauge Engine
  • Tom the Jocker Engine (No. 110)

Trivia Edit

  • Boomer may have been inspired by the jinxed tug of the same name from Thomas's sister show, TUGS.
  • The first Ilax Railway Engines were introduced to first 10 Engines.

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