This shows all the series that each user in KTTE has been in and what characters they were. Any series they do not appear in will be left blank.


  • Thomfunk's Brother, StanierJack, LaxKid275 and V******62 were all originally intended to be in Eli J. Brown's ETTE series, but LaxKid275 was never used for unexplained reasons while V******62 was cut out once Eli had learned that this name was inappropriate (One reason for him not knowing this is due to the name being uncensored in the original KTTE 7, however in the revision, he is called "V62") Thomfunk's Brother was cut out as he didn't like TTTE whereas StanierJack had mentioned he'd rather not be in the series and would be angered if he was put into Eli the Tank Engine without his concent, but strangely, he had no problem with Felix and Thomfunk adding him.
  • ArthurFanatic's Felix the Tank Engine series is the only series out of these five in which Eli J. Brown is absent, had there been a Part 2, Eli would have been Billy.
  • KingSpam78 was originally intended to be Diesel 9 in Eli J. Brown's ETTE series, but this idea was scrapped.
  • Felix Cheng, Mike Solo and Rhysicus are the only two users to appear in both KTTE and FTTE, The former two also are the only ones to appear in all 5 of these series. Other users such as Thomfunk, Eli J. Brown and Alex probably would have been in FTTE had the series not ended after one part. Rhysicus however was only absent in "Thomfunk the Tank Engine."
  • Damocles178 appears as Ava Wilkenstein in Thomfunk the Tank Engine, however due to the fact that this series included no spammers (Except for Thomasfan08 by mistake), the subtitle read "(Not a Spamming Engine)," while Ava's subtitle in Felix Cheng's New Engine Slideshow Series said "The Otoko Engine." As Ava never appeared in Felix the Tank Engine or Eddie the Tank Engine, its unknown what his subtitle would have been, likely a troll would be him in AAB9's ETTE series and be called a Spamming Engine, but since ArthurFanatic's FTTE series didn't feature any trolls at all, he probably would have a different title.
  • Thomfunk and Eli J. Brown are the only users who made themselves as Thomas in their respective series while Felix made himself into Toad, AAB9 made himself into Rocky, and Arthurfanatic made himself into Arthur.
  • Thomfunk the Tank Engine is the only series in which Arthurfanatic is shown as a character other than Arthur. In this case, he's Diesel 261.
  • Thomfunk added in random characters in some of his videos starting from Part 8 with no back story in the TTTE universe. This goes different from most other series that feature a fan-character where a name for the main TTTE universe was invented first, however Ava's original KTTE counterpart existed first, his main TTTE universe name was not invented until Felix decided to use the same image for a character.

Users who never were in KTTEEdit

Users Kuno           Felix Thomfunk     Eddie            Eli                     Mike
The Creator

Toad (G1)

Elizabeth (G2)

Arthur Thomas Rocky Thomas Thomas
Kuno Thomas Scruff
Kodachi Ranko Edward Mr. Fergus Duncan
JDeguara Henry Dodge Dodge
Billy806 Gordon A Scrap Engine
Luke James Vector the Crocodile The Red Engine
Pervy Percy Mr. Percival Ivo Hugh
LeeClaxton Toby Splatter Splatter
TrainMadPaul Terence Lorry 3 Lorry 3
FlexCabanaBXW Bertie Diesel 10 Diesel 10
LaxKid275 Sir Topham Hatt Salt Wagon
40445 Bob the Tomato Iron 'Arry Iron 'Arry
Chrisj94 Larry the Cucumber Iron Bert Iron Bert
CrazyTeddyX Duck Salt Wagon
SkarloeyandPeterSam Donald Peter Sam Jim Peter Sam
TheRealGameBoys Douglas Old Stuck-Up Old Stuck-Up
Graham Williams Lady Hatt Alfred (Skarloey123's Character) Leo Leo
Elizabeth Sneider Annie
Ikkou Santanoka Clarabel
ThomasandDiesel Diesel Mighty Mac Jock Jock
Borakk1111 Henrietta Lorry 2 Lorry 2
Anson06 Daisy Betty
AwesomeLaySliker Trevor Shane Dooiney
BabyBurton The Spiteful Brakevan Harry
CaptainCrucial Harold A Scrap Engine
MrCMonkeyX Bill Salt Wagon
FireBladeRX7 Ben Arlesdale Coach
HaterOfThomasTheTrain A Troublesome Truck
NintendoandSegaFan1 A Troublesome Truck A Troublesome Truck
DieselFan50 A Troublesome Truck Warrior Warrior
Inevercare Mavis Fred Pelhay
Sweetchick91 Oliver (Engine) Phylis
Felix Cheng Toad Thomas Harvey Proteus Fergus Gordon
Billy Isabel
Rosie Dulcie Amy Rose
BillBarmanFan2 Alice Bash
RabidMonster Mirabel Zug Zug
Taylor Jack Wilbert Lorry 1 Diesel
Froggy1234 Sixteen Zorran
ThomasFan4 Bulgy Rosie Blister II Algy
WereHutch3 Boco Old Stuck-Up Bertie Eric
George Miser City of Truro Scratch Old Rusty
HamheadHamilton Flying Scotsman Coconuts O.J.
Dom Skarloey Stephen Stephen
Farlack907 Rheneas Old Puffer Pete Old Puffer Pete
Stepney55 Sir Handel Frank
TheJonateers Peter Sam 98462 Norman (Mountain Engine)
BananasRGood45 Rusty Cookie Car
OPO29802 Duncan Chocolate Car
Alligator7989 Ivo Hugh and Junior Aparagus Bow Wow Bow Wow
Anthony Duke Oliver the Excavator and The Old Engine Douglas Blister I Donald
Adam Culdee Made-Up Crane Oliver the Excavator Harold
Bailey The Diesel The Diesel
BigBarneyFan Bulstrode Agnes
CatalanoArts Stepney Spencer Harvey Sigrid of Arlesdale Spencer
Dick Smudger
Edward Scruffy Colin Culdee
Mrs. Brown Caroline Made-Up Engine Lady Hatt Lady Hatt Sigrid of Arlesdale
Sam George Mike
SlimyRailway D199 Pip D199
WoodenTrainFan3 Bluebell Bluebell
69Chris96 Thumper Stevie the Steam Train
Buizel58868 Iron 'Arry Ruth
Minority06 Iron Bert The New Coach
CamelBully Cranky Herb
Darkslug Mike Abiar
GreatWayRound Bert Vinnie
Nosey94 Rex Paxton
EdwardNo10 Diesel 10 Dr. Eggman Troublesome Truck
DontKnowIt62 Splatter Calvin
Vulgar62 Dodge Hamish
GunFever Old Stuck-Up Skipper Stu
HOGBAITE66 Derek Skarloey and Max Henry George the Mountain Engine Henrietta
John Bertram Made-Up Engine
KingSpam78 Lady Daley
Segasygyzy Lorry 1 Ava the Road Train
Luigi23466 Lorry 2 Sidney
TheDevilMayRise1 Lorry 3 The Soft Sided Lorry
Riot Butch Bertie
Rolfcopter Bear Cora, Bruce, Alfred (Skaloey123's Character), Roman, Ethan, Carlos and Ryan
TrainBoy7 Tiger Moth Cranky Jennings
Spammer12 Godred A Japanese Engine
Unknown285 Ernest A Japanese Engine
ThePottyMouth Wilfred Russ
EltigreXFlame Shane Dooiney Espio the Chameleon Ten Cents
BullySucker950 Old Slow Coach Lucy
CatherineFan32 The Old Engine Northumberland
Eli J. Brown/Eli J. Brony Elizabeth Fearless Freddie, Alfred (Skarloey123's character) and Cecil Toad Thomas Edward
Katie/GP's Sister Murdoch Victoria
MegaMario20 Fred the Diesel Winston
Mike Solo Arthur Arthur Diesel 261 Arthur Arthur Arthur
Nibbles Spencer Cranky
Nick Bigsby The Big City Engine Godred
TasteyTreats66 Emily Alaric
ThomasFan08 Salty A made-up Steam Truck Jack the Red Engine
Thomfunk Harvey Thomas Diesel 10 Billy James
Thunder Frank
TTTEStinks Jock
TTTELover001 Neil Dennis Bluenose (CWF) Blister II Dennis
TugsFan12's Son Fergus The Mines Engine
Karen Lord Harry Bill Annie
Laura Alaric Ben Clarabel
OnlyJasonHere Eric Vortex
Tiff Catherine Catherine
Kphoria Talyllyn Casey Jr. Ray the Flying Squirel
ScotishTwinsFan120 Dolgoch Logan
Anonymous383 Mark V Dash
BenHutchinson1 Blister I The Purple Tender Engine
MVillani1985 Blister II The Grey Tender Engine
Boxheadfreak Primrose Primrose
Eddierools Proteus Thomas Wilbert Wilbert
FreePokemonXXX Cora Zozo
Gilbert and Jack Mighty Mac Heavy and Bomb Joy and Nazz
Jonathan140 Mr. Percival Harold Tim
Kevend77 Sigrid of Arlesdale Grounder Ned
Luigi2346 Ernest the Engine Car Isobella The Elderly Brakevan Isobella
MetalNat111 Stevie the Steam Train Kevin
Oloefgftw Stanley the Narrow-Gauge Engine Nigel Coach
Omggyowtx Molly Gina Elizabeth
SailorVenusFanGirl Gail the Guards Compartment Yen
Skarloey Anderson Mr. Fergus Duncan Rex D31120
Steve3650/Steve3905 The Works Diesel Bertram
TheToiletGuy911 Archibald Asparagus
ThomasIsLameee Dennis Arlesdale Coach
YouAreGoingToDieNow Neville Stafford
TeenKorea Fearless Freddie Jemima
Force44IsAFool Rosie Salt Wagon
FloydWhutPlz The Foreman Charlie
Foduckizhott Jenny Packard Belle
Molly Hite Jeromy
TheReallyMessedUpLameBoys Rocky Arlesdale Coach
TRI Nelson Victor Victor Victor
TenCents01 Jack the Front Loader Bertram Sixteen Caroline
LinktheHero13 Alfie Duke Bear
Mr. Brown Oliver the Excavator Made-Up Engine Sir Topham Hatt Butch
EmilyTrash79 Max Posh Coach
BlackMoonUK Monty Posh Coach
Alex Kelly Made-Up Engine Rocky Rocky Rocky
Bossyengine Byron Patrick Ernest the Engine Car BoCo
Chris Tomson Ned Percy and the Fire Tug Billy Albert (Mid-Sodor Engine)
Victoria Isobella Cora Madge Emily
KannNichTKind Patrick Willie's Tractor
Skullz Buster Made-Up Engine Hector AJ the Mallard Hector
Annie Madge Made-Up Engine Lady Henrietta Lady
Artogantasarus Archpogotti AJ the Mallard
Caboose902dd Victoria A Troublesome Box Car
KotorfanDS Helena
IrateGamer4life One of the Red Engines who appeared in the railway series Rocket
LegendaryDarkslayer2 Laura the Carrot Nuria Nuria
MikeFan21 98462 Ashima Thomas
Trains01 87546
SJOfficialChannel Rickety Rickety
ThomasCho58 Whiff Cranky Frank Dave the Trashcan
ThomasSukhoi Stanley Jeromy The Goods Engine Jeremy
ThomastheKiller2 Hector Bulgy Bert Bulgy
TrainManiac1 Fred Pelhay Byron Puffa
VakamaNovaStinks Albert the Red Engine
WilbertVereAwdry Pug Old Slow Coach Lord Stinker Old Slow Coach
WMG U.L.P. Troublesome Trucks A Troublesome Truck Troublesome Truck
YourMamaLuigi Jinty The White Van
Zeldio Billy Bert (Diesel)
BiggestThomasFan Colin Colin Big Mac Big Mac
DarkPumpkinX Troublesome Boxcar (I can't remember the character's name)
Spamwave87QR Troublesome Boxcar Troublesome Boxcar Troublesome Boxcar
Loreslover Charlie Duglod George (Theodore Tugboat)
ManUnited2007 Hank Derek
RaytheTrainEngine Jase the Red Engine Salty Bertram Fred the Diesel Salty
DiamondThomas Zack the Orange Engine Patrick Kelly Sunshine
HailNekoYasha Zicky the Yellow Engine Gail
HaterofFranceOfficial Joy the Japanese Twin Rajinda
Popple2Peep Nazz the Japanese Twin Snivley
SuperFamicom17 Leo Percy's Ghost Engine
Pollo20X6 Pud'n Jerry the Gourd
ShutUp223 Hug'n Jimmy the Gourd
Skaterandrew17ss Victor The Coast Guard Messenger
ThePunkGirlDogs Flora Millie
TopKazFatt Hiro Douglas Rocky Henrietta Rex Hank
XxFiim Kevin Harvey
AllAmericanb0y9 Calvin Coach Tiger-Moth Tiger Moth
Typhoon6666 Herb Coach Pug Pug
Brmxskate27 Dave the Trachcan The Tan Tender Engine
BubbleButt13 ZoZo Made-Up Engine R. Boat
Lgreeno Ave Wilkenstein Captain Zero Captain Zero
PeterFile08 AJ the Mallard Jinty Jinty
FearlessThomas12 Captain Grampus
Shisomee Bash Sunshine
WilliamShank Dash Bert (Diesel) The Naughty Pink Truck The Naughty Pink Truck
Up4004 Ferdinand Sea Rouge Sea Rouge
DarkMarioBMV Jane Jane
Trollin12 Mabel Mabel
KingShadowTube Sheen A made-up engine Sheen
Samirhys Darrel McDarrel Darrel McDarrel
FlyingPiroge1 Paul Winston (Narrow Gauge Engine) Winston (Narrow Gauge Engine)
Cody1726 Winston the Narrow Gauge Engine Mighty the Armadillo Dart
94Turbo4Life Rocket Frostini
Bladerz1 Boxhill
Copper20 Cromford
Dreamfiend633 Adams Stan Marsh
Drinkmorewater2233 Duchess of Hamilton The Duchess
Irock991 Captain Baxter
MicoTato Mallard Top Hat
Protectordrone Green Arrow 10751
Ouch5721 Emma Iron Duke
RockProductionsnz Pip Cromford
Tarwagoncomments The Ballast Spreader Tornado
TheJDogMan Iron Duke Hiro
GTPS2 Mushi Bulstrode Hank Bulstrode
JamesTheRedEngine1 Tulie Jack the Front Loader Frostini
TheJanater1993 Vortex The Russian Tender Engine
Steve Hannify Bow Wow Smudger
TenCentsO1 Jack the Red Engine
AndrewerVindowle John Boxhill Boxhill
EarthB0underF4nGaming Jennings Brewster Boomer
Jayko Albert (Mid-Sodor) Rusty's Ghost Engine
SiowP0ke Jerry
SirHandel93 Atlas Johnny Cuba Johnny Cuba
Spam3456 Alfred Green Arrow
HappytheHobbo Tim
Zackary210 Jim
EiiJBrown Nigel Bocoe the Robot Hoot
EliJPuff Bruce Decoe the Robot Toot
LawOfTheSon Jimmy Zebedee Zebedee
Rhysicus Drake Donald Diesel 20 Jack the Grappler Douglas
SakakiChannel Scruff JTK 62
StarWarsFannick Mr. Perkins
Drew Norman the Mountain Engine
Link Betty Proteus
Zelda Phylis Fearless Freddie Fearless Freddie
Chaz George the Mountain Engine
1Nismo1 The Orange Caterpillar Crane
AnixOkami Agnes Zak Zak
ClockMan5555 Lucy Diesel 9 Scooter the Carrot
CrazyTentor Bernice Mark V Mark V
DarkKid77 Ruth Zip Zip
KimKhan Jemima Duchess of Hamilton
AguaFox658 Algy Frank Frank
Keondre13 Thirteen Charmy the Bee
Koch The Naughty Pink Truck Troublesome Truck Troublesome Truck
LegionFan454 The Ice Cream Van Koko Koko
ShadowedGalaxy Marklin Bluenose Bluenose
ThomasandCarsFan Elsie
VeryOldEngine Victor (standard gauge) Victor (standard gauge)
VideoGameGuy1 The White Van Captain Baxter
VMan9876543 The Elderly Brakevan Sea Rouge's Uncle Sea Rouge's Uncle
Ganon Billy (mountain engine) Devious Diesel
I.M. Meen Bonnie Chuck Thorndyke
Weegee Maisy The Butler
The King Malfoy
AStandsForFrench Alica Botti
Daniel84203 Den Max
Dartagnan59 Dart Green Arrow Monty
DelawareLover901III Dowager Hatt Pip
DoffieCat1 Paxton Stanley (narrow gauge)
FamilyMatters3218 Flynn Porter
HaroldtheShunter Norman
MasterHyrule Cyril the Fogman
Peter Old Bennett Wilson Wilson
ScruffyPower16 Sidney (Diesel) Eddie Eddie
Skull900 Carols-on-Wheels
TheBrokenRails Belle Speedy Speedy
Evrsa101's Brother The Diesel Shunter Thirteen
Cneurauter 31120
PictureThief A Diesel Engine
Ralath66 A Diesel Engine
RyanDri0d A Diesel Engine
TeenLink1200 A Diesel Engine
TheInternetIs4Eva A Diesel Engine Cecil
ThomasDaTrollEngine 10751 Burke Burke
BobbyJohnford Winston Thumper
BoneyBob69 Old Bailey
DJCYara Percy's Friend
DrwaBoom Percy's Friend
JaraFF420 Percy's Friend
NicktheParaket Percy's Friend
MikeN218 Merrick Scruff
Noah Luke Sam
PeaShooter Owen
SlickDoodleGuy Sidney (steam engine)
SpadeHand Gertrude (I can't remember the character's name)
TheDamaged Millicent Adams
SuperSaiyanMax Stafford Billy
Elfenlied89 Siegfried
Inuyasha4Lif Dougie
PostWreck Racheal
SuperMegaGeniusDude Scaffle Pike
Alex 1261 Little Barford
CuldeeFan4 Stephen Trevor
Finley The Flying Thistle
FilmsforFustilarians A Posh Coach
Freddy659 A Posh Coach
HeartLandVideoGame The New Coach The Fultan Ferry The Fultan Ferry
HedgehogSteel The Animal Sanctuary Coach
JamesRocksOn213 Porter Hodge Hodge
Jarred T. Willaimson Sir Robert Norramby
JohnTheTVShowFan01 Connor
KiraLovesLlots Caitlin May the Racoon Lillie Lightship
Kiaran Royal Clauds/8783
MangaKid37201 Novelty 98462
MrRandon120 Sans Pareil Chatsworth Chatsworth
ScoochBGooch Annie and Clarabel's Old Friend
Shine Ortiz Millie
SoiherDuliekMe The Station Coach
AccountCheckUp Archie Higginbottom Dunbar
EliJClown Mr. Bubbles
GangtaSubber Slip Coach 1 Scuttlebutt Pete Scuttlebutt Pete
TenshinanaiPrincess0 Slip Coach 2 Sliver Jubilee
Ravage154 Slip Coach 3 (I can't remember the character's name)
GrungeRock1991 Gator Jet Scallion #1
JoeyC2996 Angus Dingo Norman
MisterDeCarlos Marion Harrison Harrison
MrBlueRangerHero Timothy Hanzo
Nalthren Reg Smelter
NesWiiGameCube N.C.B. Millicent Millicent
NyanNyanNyanNyan The Old Guard's Van Fuel Wagon
PowerSprinter Happy Hook The Ice Cream Van
PyroTech5828 Ol' Wheezy Lenny
PiesForBerries Charlie the Rainbow Brakevan
Sl1m3h The Special Bus Service BoBo
SonicSpyroPokemon The Open-Topped Omnibus
The77S Hee-Haw
TheHunsletWDQ-6-QST The Float Lorry
TheXavib1 Samson
97WarPath Farmer McColl Edward's Ghost Engine Edward's Ghost Engine
An65001 The Soft Sided Lorry
BioFreak430 The Green Bus Judy (mountain engine) Judy (mountain engine)
Carnage0 Captain Calles
DonaldandDouglasFan10 Ryan
HiEveryoneLol Sir Lowham Hatt
InTheHoop256 Logan Captain Captain
Jazeker Skiff Melanie
MasterGameReviewer Dustin
ProdjectEmergence Bradford The Works Diesel The Works Diesel
Pugwash1 Glynn Reg
RWK1983 JTK 62 Shelburne
Jam Sailor John Blair Blair
StratoCesar Hugo
Tanaka2233 Farmer Trotter 87546 87546
ThePCTrickster Philip Donvito
TheStrawberryGirl Judy Pugwash
TheTop5CountDown Jerome A Diesel Engine A Diesel Engine
Trainman3985 Sam Mark
IamCorgiMaster The Great Railway Show Diesel Shunter No. 1 A Diesel Engine
Numbah745 The Great Railway Show Diesel Shunter No. 2 A Diesel Engine
StewieHolly1 The Great Railway Show Diesel Shunter No. 3
2cddnce Axel
24Komodo Raul Lispy
Acer762 Frieda Petra
ComedyCutouts Carlos Cassidy Cassidy
CuteTugsFan59 Gina Pearl Pearl
GrantGamez Vinnie Slip Coach 1
LGee14 Rajiv A Workshop Engine
OparationBlue Shane Charlie the Rainbow Brakevan
RootBeerBlue45 Ivan
ThomasandSonic128 Etienne The Barber The Barber
WynterStar93 Ashima
YugiOhYugiOhYugiOhYu Yong Bao Emery Emery
AWR8888 Barry
BigRene2 Mrs. Percival Big City Engine
GreenGray14 The Mayor
IanJones93 Sailor Joe
JRanDolf69 Lord Callan
Bode Theo
Charlie Frankie The Little Blue Tank Engine
Hector Timothy the Evil Ghost Engine
IslandofSodorFilms Merlin Rebecca Henry
Lemonsters2008 Tracy
TehePicSmugLeaf Hurricane Guysborough
TriipGe Beresford Barrington
ZiYeWoman Lexi
2Ruthless08 Nuria
AngryLittleGiri The Japanese Engine No. 1 (I can't remember the character's name)
MystictheHedgehog The Japanese Engine No. 2
BigHeroZX3 Big Mickey Owen
CucaCom Hannah
Kevin Yen
MeganSpeaks Carly
NostalGiamadPDPMad The Halloween Engine Maisy
Peanut2K7 Percy's Ghost Engine Percy's Friend
Riley Marshall
RonBudda6699 Rajinda
SnowVhite Rusty's Ghost Engine
Spax3 Coran
StikBot1992 Settebello
TammyToe Abiar
WDF Inc. Edward's Ghost Engine Sleet Billy Shoepack
WILoveYouYesIDoX The Australian Engine
MrThomasVision1 A Workshop Engine Stepney
SP A Workshop Engine
DaBaddyPTBoomer A Workshop Engine Dr. Qwark
KillerDice A Workshop Engine
GappoGappo A Workshop Engine
CNRU1FCSXC40 A Workshop Engine
Wouot A Workshop Engine
Riley Martin A Workshop Engine
Raze The Blue Overhauled Engine Frankie
Tigerslam S&M Engine No. 1 Birch Grove
Kevin Gormley S&M No. 3
BlueFireXD12 The Blue Tender Engine Pearl (Theodore Tugboat)
BlueInferno32 The Poster Engine Ralph
NewbtheDog Toby's Brother Tyne
SpammerFreak5 The Derailed Engine
TheBanjoFanBoy The Dark Green Tank Engine
TheBlueMD The Little Blue Tank Engine A Diesel Engine
TheTwoPointsEvenOne The Blue Tank Engine Rover Rover
InvaderZim8012 Rebecca Zephie
Lucia Nia
ChronosNo9 Diesel 9 Hurricane
Heidi The Log Engine Theo Bertie
HenryandGordon1992 Nigel Gator
ItsBartman Boulder
Jackson Martin Russian Tender Engine
Tarus667 Russian Tank Engine
Jord and Mikey Bridget and Stephen Hatt
Nikki The Golden Engine Nia Percy
WakaiKetsuekiFantaji19 Earnest
Robotnik Carl
Spaghet Judy
Ugandan Cassidy
Oro Kate
Impa Winston (mountain engine) Duncan Duncan
Gwonam Todd Tamlin
Morshu Grover Bobby Ashpan
Malleo Nate
Bowser Rover
Stu Hector (mountain engine)
BrandonComix2000 Gabby the Gabba Express
BroncoFN90 Flash the Sugar Cane Train
Dank Bach Goldie the Locomotive
DeBoy67 Pompey the Powerful Engine
Dozer17 Marshall the Mighty Steam Roller
FanOfThw Trenchie the Narrow Gauge Locomotive
Geisha and Deflun Paula and Pete the Powerhouse Twins
JohnyBoy1022 Terry the Traverser
SmoreKitty97 Dotty the Blue Diesel
TinkerTailor Harry the Happy Engine
ToineScory Gertie the Garrett Traction Engine
Maria Wilson
Hubuhubudingdong2 Brewster Kenny McCormick
Puramu1 Koko Jupiter Kyle Broflovski
Kalepp The Circle City Tram
Kjk Swiss Tank Engine 1
Vincent Swiss Tank Engine 2
TrainBoy04Asf Ten Cents
Liam O'Brien Big Mac
Nol O.J. Toby
Maria's Brother Top Hat
Prog Productions UK Warrior Ace
EvilYamiSprit Hercules Hercules Hercules
StepneyFan Sunshine Brewster
Maria's Dad Captain Star
Jackson's Dad Grampus
Markush Hong-Mei
NannerPush09 Dockyard Engine 1
SushiBar Dockyard Engine 2
Patrick Michael Jem Cole
Ryan Rodiguez Ace
Sukram3rd Jeffery
Airsoft100000 Sally Seaplane Calley
Bigmix505 Skylar Murdoch
CapcomGirl505 Emery Eric Cartman
CoolDaddyy Chatsworth
Trimon Zorran Beresford
Tajoes Zebedee
MrHamburgerMan Zak
Itr Zug
HowDoYouWin Zip
Doctor Captain Zero
Elmexicannolucario Izzy Gomez Action Chugger
Jackson's Sister Piper
Maria's Sister Lillie Lightship
MikeFan21's Dad Dunbar Merlin Sir Topham Hatt
MikeFan21's Grandpa Old Puffer Pete
MikeFan21's Mom Calley Lexi Lady Hatt
Misutakappuobufeiru Harrison Mr. Nezzer
Numpty Pootis 8012 Olwin
RJ Irving Irving Irving
TankEngineNo1 Puffa
Bear4Ever1 Green-Eyed Pirate 1 Scallion #2
Icbinric Green-Eyed Pirate 2 Scallion #3
Bozdininazda Dilly the Barge
CoolCar161 Isla
EspiotheChameleon Billy Shoepack
FinleytheEngine54321 Fletch
FinleytheEngine54321's Dad Action Chugger
FinleytheEngine54321's Mom Decka
Indy Hoot Hannah Bill
Dawi Toot Dexter Ben
Jordan Sea Rouge
Long100m Scuttlebutt Pete
Marcmanetparis Boomer Zack
Maria's Mom The Fultan Ferry
Marije Zephie Emily
Scizorset Emerson
SirTophamNcow Beau
The LNER Way 02 Lord Stinker
TheAuzzieKid312 Bluenose Storm Hanzo
Thomas-Fan-Collector Kwaku
12YearOldnfsmwdk Sea Rouge's Uncle Fletch
3zi00067vH Scallion 1
Tacoman5578 Scallion 2
ThomasMustDie Scallion 3
AJHBsteam Natalie
B1o2o3m4e5r76a7n8g9 The Bell Buoy (I can't remember the character's name) Ferdinand
Fuzzyj4 Frank (TUGS) Mtambo Mtambo
Elliotmotox Eddie (TUGS) The Ballast Spreader The Ballast Spreader
GoldwoodThomas Speedy McAllister Emma Emma
Greattraxx93 Mighty Mo Jackman
Lilou Pearl (TUGS) Mavis
MapleFreak13 The Arizona Diesel Gertrude
Oval Productions The Coast Guard
PepsiAddict18 The American Crane
Phil Webber Tom Tipper
SaltyFan08 The Rio Crane Gladys
ScruffyFan Hodge Olwin
Splatterpatter64 Productions The Brazilian Diesel Shunter
Stuckindisrrray The Chinese Diesel Shunter
TheMasterTelevision Frostini
ThomasFan199 The African Crane
Whitefur The Coast Guard Messenger Grover Grover
XXXTmanXX Mtambo
YoungAuthorAdam Little Ditcher
AirGearBleachFan The White Tank Engine Terry the Tender
AmazingBanana The Duchess Sir Fredrick
AmberChild99 Tamika Jade
AnonymousUmbrella S.S. Vienna
ArchiveOfTruth Hanzo
BhanuHabbo The Purple Tender Engine Flying Scotsman Flying Scotsman
BlueFool1016 Zack
Bobyqwert1 Originals The Dark Red Tank Engine
BOFreakenStirfe9000 Jack the Grappler Reg
BrownysRevenge O. Krappenschmitt
Carcinos69 Da Li
EducationFromFacts Qwerty the Computer
ELover779 Xiao Hu Vernon
Ginks The Tan Tender Engine (I can't remember the character's name)
GWR Terrier The Purple Tank Engine
JayLovesPizza Jerry the Gourd
LegionAwaits Jimmy the Gourd
Kingyoshiedge Tyne (I can't remember the character's name)
94EvilStar53 An An
Lostandfoundofbodys Yin-Long
Mistyhe Princess Alice (I can't remember the character's name)
Moose-Sama Old Rusty Luke the Lucky Engine
Nicola The Brazilian Tank Engine Duck
HamSalidRolls Race Car #3
Josh624624 Race Car #4
MeetTheCryptid Tony
Monoxideskitten Angelique
Sccsam The Goods Engine
Sir Welcome The Grey Tender Engine
T3h973 Chinese Breakdown Crane #1
Taekeshi Chinese Breakdown Crane #2
TheGreyTroll The Naval Ship Recycling Car
Tripledentfan 31 Scooter the Carrot
Webmazter2ooo Vee
WIISTINKSLOL The Quarry Master
XOrangeLiveA The Chinese Steam Engine
4KidsForTheWin Lei
AshTroller Asher Jay Jay
BettyLovesHim Noor Jehan
BioTube1337Troll Burke (I can't remember the character's name) The Coast Guard
TehCoolGuyNumber17 Blair Tails Doll
Black64 Fire Tug
HugeDisaster1 Mr. Nezzer Tracey
Irene Charubala Shane Molly
JazzyFayceit Jackman Mighty Mo
KevinSaysProductions Cormac
MrMictlantecuhtli Mr. Lunt
NeoTroller Johnny Cuba
Styler140 Hanzo (Mistake In Original) and Payce (Corrected Version) Marion
ThomasTank123 The Cyan and Blue Diesel Shunter Oliver
Timor Dexter Etienne Fergus
VietXCalibur Shankar
Willemeaseionstink2 The Barber
XXCr4z7k1dxx Frankencelery
Users Felix Thomfunk Eddie Eli